Tax advice

Our tax consultancy services act as a solution to the complexity that is increasingly confronted today in the tax area, both at the level of individuals and SMEs.

consulenza fiscaleBasically all operations of a company or even simple private individuals have a tax impact. For this reason, it is essential to make use of good tax advice.

The increasing complexity of the laws and the continuous changes of the directives, in the tax area, require a considerable amount of flexibility and creativity from a tax advisor, in addition to a constantly updated knowledge base.

Basically everyone has to pay taxes, regardless of how much they earn. However, there is an opportunity for each person to minimize the tax burden. Due to various options that the law makes available to us, ranging from short-term measures to global tax constructs.

Our services

BG Consulenze is able to offer, through its experts, professional and personalized advice for your tax needs.

Every year, all taxpayers in Switzerland must complete and then submit their tax return.

However, not everyone knows which documents to prepare or which tax deductions to make. For this reason, many rely on specialists and trustees, because many times, in the event that they decide to complete the tax return in their own hand, they find themselves paying more taxes than they really should have paid.

BG Consulenze takes care of the analysis of the personal tax situation and assists and / or undertakes to prepare the tax returns, as well as to verify the related taxation decisions.

In case of need, we take action to the tax authorities to deal with complaints.


Preparation of tax returns for individuals

Preparation of tax returns for legal entities

Tax advice in setting up companies and structures

Succession and donation advice

Tax consultancy in real estate

Withholding tax practices, stamp duties, etc.

Preparation of complaints and communications to the tax authorities

Representations before the tax authorities

Tax calculations and comparisons

Tax planning consultancy

Tax optimization consultancy


Certainty of the application of current law

Personal and individual mandate management

Competence and professionalism through our experts

Honest Prices! Already from CHF 100.- per tax return

Do you have an urgent problem with accounting, are you late with the presentation of the annual accounts or the tax office getting you breath on your neck?

We are at your disposal to assist you quickly and without complications.