societàThe way to choosing the appropriate legal form and effective constitution can be very long and expensive. Establishing a business offers many opportunities, but the slightest legal and procedural aspect should not be overlooked in order to avoid bureaucratic delays, if not worse.

BG Consulenze proposes itself as a reliable and expert partner, ready to support you in all the questions that arise when setting up a new company and following you step by step in the creation of a company in Ticino or Switzerland.

In recent years our team of experts has been able to help in the establishment and legal domicile of dozens of start-ups both in Ticino and in Switzerland, most of which led to the establishment of profitable and lasting relationships.

Legal forms

The correct legal form depends on several factors:

  • the number of people participating
  • anonymity
  • the necessary starting capital
  • the desired responsibility
  • outward appearance

In Switzerland, the legal system provides three social forms:

  1. partnerships
  2. corporations
  3. representative offices / branches

Within these forms there are specific types of companies:

  • the anonymous company (SA)
  • the Limited Warranty Company (SAGL)

These two represent the most common corporate form in Switzerland.


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