Solid accounting is of paramount importance for any company. It is an important component not only in existing companies; in fact the careful management of accounting is indispensable even in the case of new constitutions.

consulenza contabileBoth nationally and internationally, new laws are introduced or are constantly revised or updated every day. For this reason, the company that entrusts its accounting management in outsourcing to a trustee guarantees the certainty of having accounting always in compliance with all the legal provisions in force. Whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise, an institution or even a craftsman, BG Consulenze takes on the accounting and administrative burdens by offering them administrative management in total or partial outsourcing. Control over business practices is not lost, thanks to the outsourced IT system. In this way, companies have the opportunity to entrust these activities to a competent partner and focus on real business activities.

Assistance in all areas of accounting

The experts of BG Consulenze treat every accounting and every company in an individual way, aware of the fact that every company is a particular and unique reality, with its own characteristics and needs. This makes us a serious reliable partner.

Develop a customized system for managing your accounting together with our experts. A team of accountants, human resources professionals and specialists in finance and accounting oversees each mandate. Through our interdisciplinary skills, we are able to offer an absolutely professional and value-added service.


Preparation of general accounting, operating estimates, investment calculations for companies and independents

Setting up and preparation of financial accounting for third parties

Preparation of VAT accounts

Preparation of the financial statements

Preparation of financial accounting, analytical

Communications with tax authorities

Secretarial and delivery services


Personal and individual mandate management

Interdisciplinary professional skills

Legal security and tax optimization

Completely independent